human resources management/ compensation and benefits 5

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Assignment #5

As the TRC (total rewards consultant), you’ve been asked to assist Ellen Pump, the Compensation and Benefits Director at KGW in updating their compensation structure.

Background Info:

As a reminder, the strategic goals of KGW are as follows: to utilize cutting-edge industry-specific technologies, reduce wait and processing times for patients, achieve high patient satisfaction survey scores, improve patient retention so that current patients choose to return to KGW if they need additional services, and achieve a high referral rate so that current patients recommend friends and family to KGW.The organization’s cultural values are: compassion, collaboration, respect.

Please use the information you learned from the assigned lectures and articles to answer the questions below.

You’ve been asked to review the job description for a newly created position at KGW: Informatics Nurse I.This position reports to the Information Systems Manager, and works with the Medical Records Troubleshooter and Nurse Troubleshooter.Since federal mandates now require healthcare providers to transition to electronic health and medical records, many facilities are now hiring nurses with a proficiency in technology. The role of a nursing informatics specialist is relatively new, so the job descriptions may differ across facilities, however, the American Nurses Association defines the position as “overseeing the integration of data, information and knowledge to support decision-making by patients and their healthcare providers.”

A draft job description is provided in Appendix A (see below)

  • You’ve been asked to integrate KGW’s cultural values into the job description. Please re-write either the job summary or the competencies section by including KGW’s values, and explain the rationale for this modification.
  • You’ve been asked to respond to a suggestion that job descriptions include performance metrics and be updated annually. Please explain your answer.


Position Title: Informatics Nurse I

Division: 6

Salary Grade:

EEO Position Code: 1

Position Type: Exempt


Reports To: Information Systems Manager

Positions Supervised: 0

Union Representation: No

Job Analysis Date: January, 2017

Job Summary

Do you consider yourself an experienced nurse with a knack for technology? Do you find project work and implementation fascinating? Are you both autonomous and collaborative? You might be a good fit for the Informatics Nurse I position at KGW Health!

This position will work primarily daylight hours Monday through Friday, but may occasionally work off-shift and weekends during implementations.

In this role, you will be responsible for supporting our IT clinical initiatives including nursing and provider Electronic Medical Record workflow assessment, as well as implementation and roll-out. You will provide ongoing IT clinical support to our teams and work closely with the system nursing informatics council to ensure nursing IT needs and enhancements are assessed and managed.

The Informatics Nurse I has the responsibility and accountability of assessing and assisting in the investigation, development, and implementation of new technology as it relates to clinical practice, and serving as a liaison for end users and the Informatics division. You will participate on project teams to ensure a successful, on time go live. You will develop and maintain project deliverables in accordance with application project goals.


  • Assumes responsibility as assigned to assist with the continuous improvement projects and maintenance of the eRecord. Participates in research activities, submits abstracts for presentation at local, regional and national conferences/professional meetings, submit articles for publications, and/or participate in community/volunteer activities. Participates upon request in system application validation.
  • Conducts education program for all levels of end users in new and upgraded applications. Reports to the Information Systems Manager and works with the Medical Records Troubleshooter and Nursing Troubleshooter. Performs work in a timely and productive manner and meets defined deadlines. Assists in review of nursing policies to align with the eRecord technology. Takes action to improve knowledge, skills and performance based on feedback or on self-identified developmental needs.
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of system and technology applications. Assists in preparation of agendas, handouts, and documents meeting minutes. Active participant in assigned committees and work groups and serves as the liaison between information systems, quality assurance and the medical/nursing teams. Collects and assembles data for the purpose of evaluation of EHR (electronic health reports) projects. Show proficiency in running explorer menu reports.
  • Develops and maintains productive working relationships internally and externally by demonstrating accountability for actions, enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to patients and colleagues. Demonstrates an understanding of cultural differences and holds peers accountable for healthy relationships. Maintains a conscious balance between work and personal life. Models safe work hours, time management and healthy lifestyle. Communicates with peers and management any safety hazards identified in the workplace.
  • Is empowered to engage appropriate health care personnel and eRecord team members as issues arise. Identifies and communicates learning needs to appropriate manager and/or team. Prior to performing new or challenging skills, requests assistance and reviews relevant policies and procedures. Participates in interdepartmental and system activities to encourage communication. Provides informatics mentorship at the unit/dept level helping to develop an interest in informatics. Forms a partnership with end users to maintain an open dialogue for continuous feedback and quality improvement. Creates a work environment to promote flow of ideas for improvement of the eRecord. Participates in Informatics Professional organization activities to enhance personal growth and cultivate relationships in the field at a regional and national level. Performs all other job related activities as assigned.
  • Objectively observes and educates end users across all Centers utilizing unit rounds to identify ongoing educational needs regarding clinical documentation issues, patient care challenges, and software application upgrades. Prioritizes issues and reports them accordingly. Active participant in staff workflow assessment in clinical informatics projects. Provides support to nursing and medical units by setting meetings and establishing groups for resolution of EHR assessment. Functions as an internal consultant, resource person, and educator to all levels of personnel in accordance with the objectives of Information Systems. Supports change initiatives at the Center and system level as directed by the Information Systems Manager. Communicates by preparing and educating at all levels the various types of functionality impact to the end users work flow. This communication may include but not limited to the creation of articles for publications, uLearn, or any educational venue.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Proficiency in analytics
  • Well developed time management skills

Internal Contacts

  • Reports to the Information Systems Manager.The Information Systems Manager is responsible for the final approval of all work completed by the incumbent and prepares annual performance evaluation.
  • Collaborative relationship with nurse and medical troubleshooters, and other relevant staff to facilitate workflow and deliver education and mentoring.
  • Functions as an internal consultant, resource person, and educator to all levels of personnel in accordance with the objectives of Information Systems.

External Contacts

  • Public contact. Occasional contact with vendors. This contact may result from customer queries regarding issues that are not immediately resolved by the designated staff member. The Informatics Nurse I will manage initial vendor inquiries and refer managerial issues to the Information Systems Manager.
  • Participates in Informatics Professional organization activities to enhance personal growth and cultivate relationships in the field at a regional and national level
  • Presents research results at local, regional and national conferences/professional meetings, and/or participates

Job Specifications


  • Graduate of an approved school of nursing is required
  • Minimum of 3 years of acute care nursing experience is required
  • BSN is required
  • Informatics training or experience is preferred

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

  • Certification will be required within 3 years of informatics employment (ANCC Nursing Informatics or CPHIMS)
  • Act 34 Criminal Clearance
  • Registered Nurse

KGW Health is an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Females/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities

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human resources management/ compensation and benefits 5

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