Greek myth to the logos of the early Greek naturalist that led to Socrates

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Assignment Overview

After having reviewed the Content section of this module and read chapter 1-2 & 4-7 students will make an on-line submission of their response to the assignment question below. The purpose of this assignment is to assess your familiarity with some of the key issues from the Greek mythical tradition in contrast to the distinguishing characteristics of the early Greek naturalist (Pre-Socratics). Examples should be used to illustrate and support your points.


The assignment is to be 2-3 pages in length (approx. 1300 words ) using standard 12″ font size with 1.5 spacing. You may use bullet lists sparingly for only part of your essay. Any late assignments will receive partial credit and must be turned in before advancing to the next week,

The essay is your comparison and contrast of Greek myth to the logos of the early Greek naturalist that led to Socrates. Remember assignments are 60% of your grade. There are 100 possible points to earn on this assignment. Click on the wheel, above right, to find the Rubric and see how your response is to be evaluated. Click the Blue Submit button to begin your essay in the box. When done Click save at the bottom If you are doing a file upload, use (pdf, doc, docx) . If using a Mac, export pages to a PDF file and then click the blue submit assignment button.


  • On page one, List and discuss at least three characteristics of the Greek creation from Hesiod’s account of “War among the Gods” in chapter one.
    • Next, discuss the Homeric virtues from Homer’s account in Heroes, Gods and Excellence. See Topics 1A-D.
    • Find at least two examples from the selections in your text that illustrate some of these virtues.
  • On page two, Identify the main characteristics of at least three schools of thought from the Greek naturalist tradition in chapter two. Give examples from specific philosophers who represent that school of thought. The schools of thought include;
    • The Milesians: Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes
    • The Iconoclasts: Xenophanes, Pythagoras, Heraclitus
    • The Eleatics: Parmenides, Zeno, Melissus
    • The Pluralists or Atomists: Democritus & Leucippus
  • On page three you are to give a brief assessment of Socrates in contrast to the Sophist.
    • Compare their views of physis vs nomos.
    • You must refer to at least one of the three Platonic dialogues in ch. 7 that offer support for your position.
    • You may wish to review the Apology video in the module section.

Greek myth to the logos of the early Greek naturalist that led to Socrates

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