Great fall essay

Can you help me understand this Geography question?

The final write up for this part should be written as a coherent narrative of the geologic history of Great Falls, beginning with the oldest event and then proceeding forward in time to the younger events, and ending with the youngest. The five events that you will be incorporating into your final narrative of the geologic history of Great Falls are the following: Geologic Events in the History Great Falls National Park _____

Emplacement of Granite in Great Falls _____

Formation of joints in the bedrock _____

Faulting (Mather Gorge) _____

Formation of potholes _____

Formation of metagreywacke and mica schist _____

Emplacement of diabase boulder Due date: The final narrative essay should be 2-3 pages long, double-spaced using 12 point Palatino/Times/Cambria font (or similar). Use complete sentences and proper grammar. Any pictures, or illustrations should be included in a separate addendum at the end of the paper and not included in the final page count. The essay should include an introduction and conclusions. Feel free to use outside resources that you may find on the internet, but please be careful to properly cite any resources that you may use. I am not concerned abouot the exact format of any citation, just be consistent and avoid plagiarism at all cost.

Great fall essay

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