geology – 700 words

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1) Of the four mammal groups–Marsupials/Multituberculates/Monotremes/Eutheria—

A) Which group do humans belong to?
B) Which group no longer exists (i.e. is extinct)

2) what would you expect of the predators? Would they, over time, become faster or slower?

3) What is digitigrade locomotion and is it related to your answer to the previous question?

4) Ungulates come in two general types (artio- and perrisodactyls). What are ungulates?

Did the ratio of these two types remain constant through the Cenozoic?

5) Compared to reptiles, WHY do mammals need to eat more frequently?

6) What is a hominid?
What is a hominoid?

7) How far back in the fossil record do we find the very broad group of animals known as “Primates”?

How far back do we find the more specific group called hominids?

8) Why were scientists resistant to giving up on Piltdown?

9) how far back in the geologic record does one have to go in order to find multiple co-existing species within the genus Homo? Explain

geology – 700 words

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