fundamentals networking ( task 1)

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Week 1 – Introduction to Networking

What is networking? In order to deploy a network to meet the needs of a small to medium size business, you must be able to match key business needs with technological support. As a contractor you will identify the key features of mainstream Ethernet deployment and configuration, and build a network from scratch. You will start by getting familiar with basic networking infrastructure.

Identify fundamental features of networks.

·Watch the foundations of networking video on

LYNDA Networking Video

Next, take some time to familiarize yourself with basic networking equipment.

·Do some research on the following terms: Network Interface Card, Network Switch, Network Hub, Network Router, Ethernet, MAC Address, IPV4, TCP/IP, Category 6 cabling, Power Over Ethernet.

·Prepare a basic network layout using all of the aforementioned terms.

·Research the OSI model

Last, create a simple network layout featuring the following guidelines:

·Create a small network layout with 10 PCs using the technologies you have just explored. Explain whether it uses DHCP vs Static addressing, which category cabling, and why.

·Create a set of guidelines for building a small network using Ethernet technology.

Please select a project from the following list to work towards over the next 10 weeks:

List of projects:

·Build an IT infrastructure for a medium size company that does accounting

·Build an IT infrastructure for a school of 600 students

·Construct a network for the new Stratford Hospital Center

For your task, provide responses to the following in a Word document and submit them:

  • Select a project
  • Explain why you selected this project
  • Based on your project selection, explain what requirements and restrictions would be encountered
  • Explain how you would go about constructing this project using an engineering approach

fundamentals networking ( task 1)

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