Final Examination Assignment essay minimum 1,000 words

I’m stuck on a Geography question and need an explanation.

To provide a bit more clarity on your final examination assignment:

Please note that this class is based on Geography not Geology.The final essay is intended for you to identify HOW other academic disciplines, e.g., Geology, Biology, Meteorology, Hydrology that fall under the umbrella of Geography, may apply to:

1) Your academic major -if you are an education major you might write about what elements of Geography such as map reading, why the sun rises in the East, why we have seasons may be necessary to teach your students ;

2) Your planned profession -if you plan to be an architect it may be necessary to know about the geology on the site where you intend to build, the composition of the soil, the effects that weather may have on your design; or

3) sustainability -why anything or everything we covered during the semester relates to sustainability globally, regionally, or locally.

Remember, there are no incorrect or wrong answers, spend some time THINKING before you begin to write.

It has been my pleasure to have you as a class this semester.

Final Examination Assignment essay minimum 1,000 words

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