final exam

I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

the exam is only 90 minutes

Due: Thursday May 23rd by 11:59pm

As mandated by the school, your English 120 Common Final is going to be this week. You will be given two articles to read, and after you have read through them, you will write a short essay.

If you are a DSPS student, please contact me about setting up your exam through DSPS, or you can set it up with me to have more time on the exam.

Here are my directions for your Common Final:

  1. Here are the directions for what your are expected to write on the Common Final for English 120: Please include only your Student ID Number.
  2. Remember your essays require an introduction with your thesis, a summary of the text you have chosen, and your argument about the text (whether you agree, disagree or agree with a difference just like we learned with They Say/I Say.) You also must include a counter argument in your essay.
  3. The length of your essay should roughly be 650-800 words.

Please read the following directions for the Common Final.

final exam

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