Evaluating Mediation Approaches

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Using one of the scenarios from the previous discussion board involving organizational conflict, assume that your role is to influence the leaders in the organization on the mediation approach you would deem most effective. Write a paper that identifies the pros and cons of various types of mediation for resolving the conflict scenario you described. Determine which mediation method you would recommend in resolving the disputes and recommend it to the organizational leaders.

Your paper should be 1,400 – 1,750 words in length and follow APA 6th edition guidelines for in-text citations and references.

Scenario: Disputes often involve multiple parties. What inappropriate tools, attitudes, and perceived needs impede resolution? How does emotion differ from perspective? What would you do to influence the parties to “let go” of the inappropriate tools, attitudes, and perceived needs? How does the use of a lawyer change the situation?

Evaluating Mediation Approaches

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