Essay Project 4: Evaluating an Argument Step 3

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Essay Project 4: Evaluating an Argument extended form Step 3

There are several steps in this essay project. It is worth 15% of your grade.

Please read the assignment sheet in detail.

You will complete step 3 this week.

Step 1 Read the Essay Project 4 Assignment Sheet

Essay Project 4 Evaluating an Argument Extended.doc

Minimize File Preview

Step 2 Complete Writing Task 16

Complete Writing Task 16 first then come back to complete Step 3 of Essay Project 4.

Step 3 Complete Step 2 Rough Draft

Following the guidelines in the assignment letter, complete a draft of your essay. This will be a complete draft of your essay.

It should include the following:

An introduction, a thesis, and map of points

Body of paragraphs with evidence and analysis in each paragraph

A conclusion with a restatement of the thesis

A Works Cited page

Step 4 Post your draft to the Week 15 Peer Review Board

Please submit your rough draft to the Week 15 Peer review Board as a Word doc.

You will not receive a partner or credit for your rough draft if the draft is not submitted

Week 15 Peer Review Board: Essay Project 4 Step 4

Step 5 Save and submit your assignment

When you have completed your assignment save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.

Essay Project 4: Evaluating an Argument Step 3

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