Essay about one story’s theme, imagery, and symbols for composition class

I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

I am gonna upload the story and also assignment guideline. Essay is about the story’s theme, imagery, and symbols.

Your essay must be 3 pages, follow strict MLA format, have an original title, an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. (Double Spaced)

• The first (or second) sentence in the introduction must provide the author’s full name, title of the work, and date work was written.

• The introduction also must include context: a brief overview / summary of the work: the who’s who, what’s what, when, and where. Without this information, readers have no idea what’s going on.

• The thesis statement (please underline) should be the last sentence in the introduction, and it must include the three ways/reasons that the main idea will be explained throughout the paper.

• Three body paragraphs that support/develop the thesis. Each body paragraph should provide a topic sentence, development, and quotations (supporting evidence), as well as in-text citations. Do not paraphrase. • Conclusion (no new information). • Do not divide your essay into sections with labels

The essay should be a serious, scholarly paper where your gut feelings and personal preferences play very little role. This is the time to show off your analytical skills, rather than strictly your emotions.

This is a formal paper, and you should avoid using first and second-person pronouns I, me, my, mine, you, your, yours, we, us. Instead, you might use the reader or readers.

ORGANIZATION: In addition to an original title, your essay should be 5 or more paragraphs that follow Aristotle’s Classical Scheme of Argumentation, as follows:

• Title (not vague or generalized.) It should be original, indicating slant or direction your paper will take.

• Introduction (providing brief summary / context / thesis statement): o First or second sentence: title of work, author’s name, and date published.

-Brief summary / overview of the story that provides context (who’s who, what’s what, when, and where). Keep in mind that your readers have not read the story, and context is necessary.

-Thesis statement, the last sentence in the introductory paragraph that lets readers know 5 the main idea (what you will prove) – including the three ways/reasons that will be used to develop the main idea.

Three Body Paragraphs with a topic sentence in each (underlined), development, and quotations from the story to back up your ideas, along with in-text citations.

• Conclusion (a recap of your argument with no new information).

Essay about one story’s theme, imagery, and symbols for composition class

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