ENG-3326 Science Fiction (Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness”)

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with Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness”, there are many more “traditional” literary concerns. Le Guin posited a new world (this is, perhaps, the best example of scholarly ‘world building’ I have ever seen) (her father was the first cultural anthropologist in the US), complete with two opposing governmental/political systems, two polar-opposite religious belief systems, two completely different uses of language, two opposing moral systems, etc., on down the line.

3 page ramble about which aspect/idea you think is most interesting in Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness”; is it the examination of gender (including the family), religion, government, social interaction, language and how it makes us–or could it be something else, something simpler that is part of, and ties together, all of these things? Tell me what you want to say, what impressed you most, about the novel).

pages: 3

format: MLA

No references.

ENG-3326 Science Fiction (Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness”)

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