editing a speech about How an aircraft engine operate

I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

I have written a speech and would like you to edit it and add a couple more information. Please help me with throughout the speech with better grammar, add a appropriate joke, and also please help with a better ending. The requirements are down below and attach you will see what i have written

Here are the ingredients of the talk I want you to write (in lieu of

the oral presentation):

* 5-8 pages long

* include a quotation from one or more of the set pieces

* relate yourself, personally, to the topic you choose — any topic is okay

* include an appropriate joke

You may choose your own topic and your own audience, but also have your

classmates in that audience so that you can address them in some way,

whether generally or by name.

editing a speech about How an aircraft engine operate

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