Early stage of dissertation

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

So this the start of the big dissertation. I have broken it down into steps so I “we” can stay on top of it. I attached a quarter Tasks document so you can see the assignment for what it is and work with what we already have. Task 2 and 3 you have pretty much done already last quarter with the “Draft Concept”. You will be able to pull from there and place it in the format they are requesting (also attached). The bullet point assignment you completed a couple of weeks ago needed to be revised a little to meet some of the professors comments. I have attached both the professor’s concerns and the revised copy so you have it and can make changes accordingly. This is another big assignment were things will be turned in week by week, but I am giving it to you all up front. Please let me know if you don’t feel up to the task.

Task 2 — The Problem Statement and Research Questions (Due: ASAP)

Task 3 – The Purpose Statement and the Background of the Problem (Due: ASAP)

Task 4 – Nature of the Study (Due: 2/12/2020)

Task 5 — Theoretical / Conceptual Framework (Due: 2/14/2020)

Task 6 — Significance of the Study (Due: 2/21/2020)

Task 7 — Terms, Assumptions, Limitations, and Delimitations & Literature Review Outline (Due: 2/28/2020)

Task 8 — Foundation of the Study (Due: 3/3/2020)

Once these assignments are complete I will give you Task 9-16 which will complete phase 1 of the 3 part dissertation. I hope that makes sense.

If you need further explanation I would be happy to do so. The assignments may need to be revised week to week and I will keep you posted as they come in and are approved.

Early stage of dissertation

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