Drones. Drones. -Must write 3 separate research papers, 5 pages each, in APA format. 1) Descriptive 2) Comparative 3) Persuasive.
-Proposal, including 3 topical outlines, one for each paper, has already been approved.
-15 sources, 5 for each paper, have already been identified and approved.







Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) commonly comprised of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or “Drones”, ground control stations, data links and other support equipment have become predominant in our everyday lives.  Also referred to as unmanned-aircraft vehicle system (UAVS) remotely piloted aerial vehicle (RPAV), or remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), they are essentially an aircraft without an aviator aboard.  This paper will discuss them at length.

Here to Stay

Although initially they were devised primarily for military applications, their use has evolved to include scientific, agricultural, commercial, recreational, and multiple other applications such as policing, aerial photography, agriculture, surveillance, and more recently, increasingly popular drone racing.


They now exist in many shapes, sizes, and configurations from complex, expensive military war fighter machines to small, easily accessible recreational toys.


Their affordability, versatility, abundance and availability have ensured that the Aviation Industry will be impacted by, and be forced to deal with drones in numerous ways, both palpable and unintentional.



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Drones are vastly versatile and can be adapted for many uses.  Aside from their use in Military applications, Drones usage commonly falls into two categories: Public use and Commercial use.

Public Use

Drones have become incredibly popular with public consumers, due in large part to their affordability and availability.  They are used by everyone from casual hobbyists to outdoor enthusiasts to an increasingly popular group of Drone racing circuits.

Commercial Use

Commercial uses of Drones range from surveying to real estate media to wild life management.  Their use is ever expanding with increasing interest in retail delivery by large companies such as Amazon and multiple pizza delivery services.


Just as is the case with many existing or emerging technologies, Drones have captured the imagination of enthusiasts while proving to be ever versatile in the commercial sector.  This increase in popularity and availability will ensure their growth and sustainability.




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Drones have rapidly become the next technological sensation.  Their designs have become sleeker, lighter, and cheaper making them highly transportable and easily deployable from almost anywhere.  This has led to increasing concern over safety and     has many calling for increased legislation and regulation of their ownership and usage.

Legal Aspects

Lawmakers are calling for legislation with regards to Drones covering everything from ownership and registration to location and altitude restrictions.  This continues to gain momentum from state legislators all the way to the Federal Aviation Administration.


Regulation of Drones has already begun and will continue to be at the forefront not only locally and nationally but internationally as well.  Their abundance and ease of acquisition have created this necessity and it should come as no surprise that they have created such immediate and substantial attention.


Their affordability, versatility, abundance and availability have ensured that the Aviation Industry must act expeditiously to regulate the use of Drones to ensure their use does not jeopardize the safety of the traveling or static public.  Many measures are already in work but more will surely follow.



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