*DO NOT OWN BOOK* Please answer the 7 questions, Answer all these questions in full sentences

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Book Discussion Questions Assignment: My Sisters Keeper

Directions: You have 7 questions to answer. Answer all these questions in full sentences, using quotes from the book. If you are using an electronic version of the book, your citations can link to the chapter number instead of the page number. You MUST use information from the book and include citations for each question. Answer the questions as fully as possible, Use quotes to support answers

Book title: My Sister’s Keeper

Author: Picoult

Publisher: Pocket

1. Reread the prologue to My Sister’s Keeper. Who is the speaker? Is it the same person you thought it was the first time you read it? How did you determine who the speak is? Give an example from the book that leads you to recognize the speaker.

2. “My Sister’s Keeper” is told from many different viewpoints. Why do you think Jodi Picoult wrote it this way? How did hearing from each character change your opinions of them and of the situation? Which character did you connect with most? Explain and use a quote from the book that made you connect with that character.

3. Do you think that society would view Sara as a good mother? Why or why not? Do you sympathize with Sara? Why or why not? How do her choices affect the rest of the family? What does our society expect of mothers that make them either “good mothers” or “bad mothers”? For this last part reference at least one other reading from the course.

4. Discuss the consequences of the trial (other than the ruling). In what ways does it force the characters to deal with issues in their relationships? Explain this for the following relationships: 1- Sara and Brian, 2 – Anna and her parents, 3 – Julia and Campbell.

5. On page 98, Kate is being admitted to the hospital in very serious condition. She mouths to Jesse, “tell Anna,” but is unable to finish. What do you think she was trying to say and why was she trying to say it? Do this by completing the sentence that she could not and explain it. How does Jesse respond to the incomplete request?

6. On page 122, Julia says, “Even if the law says that no one is responsible for anyone else, helping someone who needs it is the right thing to do.” Who understood better how to “help” – Kate, Sara or Anna? How was the character that you selected better able to understand how to help? Give at least 2 quotes from the book that demonstrate this. Do you feel that the two characters that you did not choose were unhelpful? Why or why not?

7. Do you feel that it was unfair of Kate to ask Anna to refuse to donate a kidney, even though this seemed to be the only way for her to avoid the lifesaving transplant? Explain this in thinking about Kate’s desires and Anna’s. How did Anna respond to the request? Was this what you expected? Explain why or why not.

*DO NOT OWN BOOK* Please answer the 7 questions, Answer all these questions in full sentences

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