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MAT102 LESSON 2 Date: Sep 6

Topic: Historical Numeration Systems

In this lesson you will learn about Egyptian numerals, traditional Chinese numerals and Hindu Arabic numerals.

Read section 4.1 “Historical Numeration systems” of your textbook. You can read the section on MyMathLab by clicking on Lesson 2 when you access your homework on MyMathLab. Pay special attention to Examples 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. Skip Chinese Numeration. Practice your knowledge by doing HW #2 on MyMathLab. Remember that homework is 40% of your grade.

As evaluation of your mastering of Egyptian multiplication you will submit an assignment in BlackBoard (by clicking Assignments). Use the Egyptian doubling method to multiply 44×21. In order to write the solution of this exercise you can follow the example below where the Egyptian algorithm is performed for the product 25×35:

“We write two columns. One starts with 1 and the other one with 35. Each row is obtained by doubling the previous one. We stop once in the column starting with 1 we get a number greater than 25:

1 35

2 70

4 140

8 280

16 560

32 1120

Now we write 25 as a sum of numbers from the first column: 25=16+8+1. 16, 8 and 1 are on the fifth, fourth and first rows of the first column so 25×35 is equal to the sum of the numbers 560, 280 and 35 which are on fifth, fourth and first rows of the second column.

we get that 25×35 = 560 + 280 + 35 = 875. “

do my online math homework

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