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DQ #1 – Due 09-23-19 – Initial response due on or before 09-16-19 According to most Career Counseling textbooks, job satisfaction is a complex multimeaning term. Describe in detail what job satisfaction means to you.

DQ #2 – Due 11-04-19 – Initial response due on or before 10-28-19 How does self-efficacy differ from self-concept? Describe an example from your life, or from the life of someone you know, of the impact of self-efficacy for career choices. (Chapter 5)

DQ #3 – Due 12-09-19 – Initial response due on or before 12-02-19 Give at least three reasons that you as a career counselor would make the choice to limit counseling goals for your client. (Chapter 8) SPECIAL NOTE ON DISCUSSION QUESTION

How online class participation will be graded: There are three (3) Discussion Questions, worth twenty-five points each, for a total of 75 points toward your final grade. You have approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete each DQ which includes an initial response and at least two responses to other student’s posts. Within this period, you are required to log in to the online classroom a minimum of twice, on two separate days. The first login should be to complete the initial discussion question which should be between 250 and 300 words, which MUST be posted at least seven (7) days before the due date. The two responses of other students’ posts do not have to meet the 250/300-word requirement but must be substantive. Submitting late assignments will result in points being deducted from the online participation grade. It is important that you stay on top of your assignments.

Your DQ participation will be graded according to the following criteria: 25/21 Pts. • Response is thorough and thoughtful, referencing readings, in-class materials or outside sources • Well-written response with few or no grammatical or mechanical errors • Meets the requirement to respond to two (2) colleague’s post. 20/17 Pts. • Fair response – may be missing one or two details but is mostly complete in addressing the topic • Well-written response with several grammatical or mechanical errors that do not impact readability • Responds to only one (1) colleague’s post. 16/10 Pts. • Poor response —missing important details that leave the response incomplete. • Response contains several grammatical or mechanical errors that impact readability. • Does not respond to a colleague’s post. 0 Pts. • No submission

Please write atleast 250 words for each question.


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