Discussion Post about Public Regulation and Private Encumbrances

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Let’s provide a discussion platform in the area of environmental laws as it relates to real property ownership. There are many laws designed to protect the quality of water, land, and air known as environmental laws. For this sole discussion, let’s focus on federal environmental laws. There is the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and CERCLA which is the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act. Under CERCLA, in general, liability of hazardous waste cleanup rests with the owner of the real property even if the owner is not the person who created the hazardous waste problem. After reading the textbook and PPT to garner an understanding of CERCLA and why it was enacted:

1) Do you believe it is unfair to assess the owner for the cost of cleanup?

2) Who should pay the cost of cleanup?

3) Should it be paid out of government resources and the entire population to remedy the problem?

My hope for you in this discussion is for you to give some examples of situations related to these questions and to discuss why each example fits into either category. Please have some of your personal opinions in this discussion as well. Create your own answer discussing your thoughts on the questions. 3 to 6 sentences

After creating your answer, I would also like you to respond your opinions to 2 students’ answers...3 to 6 sentences per response

Discussion Post about Public Regulation and Private Encumbrances

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