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This discussion requires you watch a brief, 3-minute video based research from 1956 by anthropologist Horace Miner. This particular video updates Miner’s well-known study of the Nacirema by providing some brief descriptions of Nacirema residential edifices, rituals, food acquisition strategies, and other cultural traits. The goal of Miner’s research and this updated video is to emphasize how important it is for individuals to take nothing for granted about their way of life and recognize that what may seem “normal” to them may be “unthinkable” or “indescribable” to another. Once you have watched/listened to the video, follow the instructions below to participate in this week’s discussion.

Journeys Into Unknown Cultures – The Nacirema –

For your original post, select and describe one element from any culture of which you are familiar. Your description of this element should be rather thorough and be written as if you are describing this trait for the very first time to someone who is wholly unfamiliar with that element. For example, imagine what it would be like to describe a hockey game to someone who has never seen hockey or even just a hockey stick. If you wanted to discuss a behavioral pattern, those who live up north can find it difficult to describe blowing snow to someone who lives in the south or has never seen snow. For those interested in describing ideas, consider how you might describe freedom which, while it is an entirely relative concept, is something that many individuals say they value.

discussion post

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