Discussion #7

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Discussion #7 – Cyber Censorship Awareness

Read the following article on Cyber Censorship and discuss the following among st your peers.

  1. What is Cyber Asylum?
  2. What are some examples of Cyber Asylum?
  3. Why would a country invoke Cyber Censorship?
  4. What technology are Cyber Asylum seekers using in order to evade Censorship?

Discussion Posts: Initial
discussion posts must be
answered by . Respond to two of
your classmates posts by in order to achieve full
Be sure that both initial
posts and responses follow APA
citation formatting. This is a
graduate level course therefore
one-word discussion posts and
responses will NOT be accepted.
This can be avoided by diving
deeper into a point someone
raised, sharing your opinion, or
lessons learned from experience.

Discussion #7

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