Desiigner in Vic Theatre

Desiigner in Vic Theatre. Desiigner in Vic Theatre. The following form shows the various points I want you to address in your report. The easiest thing to do is to "copy and paste" this into your email browser window and answer the questions that way。


Date & Place of Performance:

Name of Ensemble/Group/Artist
– List the types of instruments being played by members of the ensemble. For vocal music describe the different vocal ranges employed by different performers.

Music Performed (you don’t have to list every piece performed but represent a selection. Also don’t forget to list the composers if that information is provided for you in the case of a program. Remember too that the lead singer of a band doesn’t necessarily write all the music, they just happen to be the one singing the songs)
– What is the genre/category of each of these pieces/songs?
– Consider the choices or ordering of the different selections. Was the music programmed effectively?

Description of Musical Style(s):
– Talk about the different roles of the various instruments and/or voices and how they related to each other during performance. For example was the rhythm section (bass/drums/keyboards) supporting the singer(s) or did they seem like they were overshadowing either by playing too much or too loud?
What was the predominant texture used in performance: (monophonic, homophonic or polyphonic)?
Basic description of terms:
These are terms to refer to the texture of (in this case) music.
Monophonic Texture: A single musical line. No harmony or counterpoint. Can still be multiple instruments or voices.
Polyphonic: Greater complexity. Multiple independent ideas or melodic lines. Counterpoint or contrapuntal activity .
Homophonic: Perceptible hierarchy in the music. i.e. Melody and harmony wherein the harmony is serving to support the melody, functioning in a subservient role.
Think basic "song form" or structure. The voice or vocal line is the most "important" thing that draws your ear’s attention and everything else serves to support that.

What were your impressions of the performance:
– Did you like it ? Why or why not? Be specific. Give a conclusion and reasons that support that conclusion.

The detail about this concert :


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Desiigner in Vic Theatre

Desiigner in Vic Theatre

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