Data interpretation by R Studio + one simple PPT

I don’t understand this Statistics question and need help to study.

The outcomes are 1) written report, 2) PPT for 5 mins presentation

Written report:

The dataset in excel format is included, it is a survey regarding yogurt consumption preference.

This must be double spaced and printed. I want no more than 7 pages and at least 4 pages. It should have an abstract (background/introduction) to the problem with the claim being tested, the context of the data, any problems with collecting the data.

My null hypothesis is that 1).household income will affect customers to choose their yogurt purchase locations. 2). Age will affect consumers to choose the flavours. My alternative hypothesis may be there is no relationship between them

Types of methods/tests considered include sampling, correlation analysis, factor analysis, multivariate regression model interpretation and diagnostics and gains chart.

Descriptive statistics, appropriate graphs and tables are presented.

Inferential statistics with clearly defined null and alternate hypothesis. Ex. I have a car data set with 93 variables and 2000 datapoints. I want to predict the best characteristics that define a customer who is more likely to buy a certain car. My null hypothesis is that the variables that most affect the car purchase are MPG, four wheel vs two wheel drive cars, model of car and color. My alternate hypothesis may be affected by other factors (Formal representation of the hypotheses will be given in class)

Statistical output including test statistics and p-values, goodness of fit measures, etc.

Summary and final conclusions of the project

Suggestions for going beyond the project.

In a separate page, please provide all the coding formats for the outputs that have been used.

Oral presentation

This will be a 5 minute presentation with 2 minutes of Q&A, so a total of 7 minutes.

The powerpoint should at the minimum include an introduction of the topic, what kinds of data were collected, methods used, interesting trends you noticed, results, things your group did and what your group would like to do in the future to make this project even better.


R Studio only

Data interpretation by R Studio + one simple PPT

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