Contract Performance Correlates with Adequate Quality Assurance Surveillance

Contract Performance Correlates with Adequate Quality Assurance Surveillance. Contract Performance Correlates with Adequate Quality Assurance Surveillance.  



Contract Performance Correlates with Adequate Quality Assurance Surveillance

The Department of Defense (DOD) is necessary for providing security and deterring wars. A systematic examination of the Department of Defense’s acquisition system is appropriate to prevent delinquencies that occur in their contract surveillance methods. Inadequate quality surveillance leads to unacceptable cost increase hence, failure to meet the needs of the warfighter brings negative impacts on industry. For this reason, should be conducted carefully since it ensures quality assurance methods adhere to before the award of the contract

According to Moumtzoglou & Kastania (2012), unlike the navy and air force organizations, the Amy organization often do not assign responsibilities to the surveillance personnel before the award of the contract. Defense Contract affects performance and quality since its spending was projected to increase as continues to rely more on various contractors to carry out their indented mission. For instance, in the 2013 fiscal year, the Department of Defense spent approximately $118 billion of money on contractor-provided service. The amount of money spent was equivalent to approximately 57% of the total defense budget hence; the total money used in the Department of Defense was overestimated. From the estimate, it is clear that the department gets a financial loss when focusing on contractor-provided services alone. The increasing expenditure coupled with increasing reliance on contractor drives the importance of proper contract oversight (Moumtzoglou & Kastania, 2012).

According the Defense Contingency COR Handbook (2012), Department of Defense established a record to document the performance of the contractor whether it was unacceptable or rejected for example routine of work, duration of the contract and also personnel who is supposed to be on duty for a particular day.


There is a relationship Department of Defense service and performance. Federal Acquisition Streamlining Acts (FASA), remarks as the major association to ensure federal acquisition changes and agencies benefiting from QAS policies which aim in the providing quality performance. The success of monitoring contract performance stems from the creation of good relationship with other association. This promotes performance of the Department of Defense and ensures all work forces within the premise are capable of transecting their work. Quality assurance surveillance also minimizes waste of resource hence, more money are invested within the department. More of weapons and necessary equipment which are essential will therefore be available. The availability of such resource creates a tight surveillance both the performance (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, 2011).

According to positive contracts outcomes relates to good policies (QAS), which are portrayed through good QASP. Hence, contractor cost estimates are in line with actual cost performance. The transparency will, therefore, result in the good financial estimate of the resources. No department will be starved due to lack of enough resource or mismanaged allocated fund. Also when a contractor understands, can track the performance of the allocated resources. Hence, he can change or adjust the environments to attain the set goals of the company. The absence of such measures, create a cap in subpar avoidance abilities hence the output will not be productive. It is, therefore, important for the Department of Defense to ensure security is maintained for maximum output (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, 2011).





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Contract Performance Correlates with Adequate Quality Assurance Surveillance

Contract Performance Correlates with Adequate Quality Assurance Surveillance

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