Concepts Of Business

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Directions: Must rely on at least 3 scholarly/academic sources to support ideas and a minimum of 350 words. Must use proper grammar, mechanics and spelling in your response, you have to make use of proper in-text citations and an end-reference. Textbook is uploaded.

Question: Using what you have learned about ethics and social responsibility in Chapter 2, identify a product or service that is legal but unethical and/or socially irresponsible. Discuss both the benefits and harms, as well as how they balance out over different stakeholders.

Don’t confuse stakeholders with stockholders. Stakeholders include not only the stockholders, but also “customers, competitors, government regulators, interest groups, and the public, as well as each individual’s personal principles and values” (Ferrell, et al., 2014, p. 36).

Here are some additional details:

It can be useful to post a claim to your choice early in the week. Be sure to focus on a specific product or service, rather than a marketing strategy, an entire company, or an entire industry.

Update the subject line of the initial post so that it reflects what you are writing about, like adding a title to a paper. It makes it easier to see what everyone is writing about and, overall, just looks more professional. It’s also part of the scoring.

Your opinions are important and not everyone will agree. Scoring will depend more on the evidence you provide to support your opinions, rather than what your opinions are. Defend your position with evidence using citations and references that follow APA guidelines.

Concepts Of Business

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