Cell Structures/Photosynthesis Discussion

Cell Structures/Photosynthesis Discussion. Cell Structures/Photosynthesis Discussion. Part I: (Please use simple terms in answering part I and II.) Also, please refer to the attached documents to see what was covered during this week in relation to part I and II. When determining the 4 structures, please keep in mind this is Biology 103, the very basic course. I ask if you can please determine the structures based the structures that you first learn about in biology.) Thank you.

You are part of a team that is designing a new cell in the laboratory. Unfortunately, money is tight and there may not be enough funding to create a cell with all of the cell structures and substances that you’ve learned about in the course materials.  You’ve been told to make your “wish list” of cell structures and substances with a limit of four (4) structures.  You’ll need to include a list, from highest to lowest priority, of the most four (4) most important cellular structures and substances necessary for your cell and defend your selection of the structure/substance that you placed at the top of the list as the most important of all the cell structures and substances.  You also need to explain why you’ve placed specific structures and/or substances at the bottom of the list. Remembering the relationship of structure to function, provide specific facts to support your positions.


Part II:  (Please refer to Module 26)

Review the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, paying particular attention to the reactants and the products of each reaction.  Based on what you learned in the classroom and research performed on the Internet, do you consider carbon dioxide a pollutant or a natural resource?  Be sure to both cite and vet your sources, explaining clearly the credibility of each resource.


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Cell Structures/Photosynthesis Discussion

Cell Structures/Photosynthesis Discussion

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