Case: Xbox One KEL794-PDF-ENG

Case: Xbox One KEL794-PDF-ENG. Case: Xbox One KEL794-PDF-ENG. Case: Xbox One KEL794-PDF-ENG, June 24, 2014

Class Preparation Questions:
Your answers should be approximately 500 words.
1. Which segment or segments do you believe Microsoft intended to target with the Xbox One? Which segment or segments do you believe Microsoft should have targeted with the Xbox One?
2. Were the user demands of the various gamer segments incompatible, and if so, why? Could one device appeal to all of them equally?
3. What was Microsoft’s biggest messaging mistake in the run-up to the Xbox One launch? Would you characterize that mistake as strategic or tactical?
4. Why do you think Microsoft faced so much criticism from the hardcore gamer segment? What made it so hard for Microsoft to please this segment?
5. Was there a way Microsoft could have implemented its proposed DRM plans, or would gamers have rejected them no matter what? If not, what could Microsoft have done differently to bring about a different result?
6. Why was this console cycle launch particularly challenging? What lessons can be learned from Microsoft’s mistakes?
7. Consider the hardcore gamer response to Microsoft’s announced DRM policies in the context of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What need did the company’s policies alienate, and why?


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Case: Xbox One KEL794-PDF-ENG

Case: Xbox One KEL794-PDF-ENG

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