Capstone Paper Criteria

Capstone Paper Criteria. Capstone Paper Criteria. BUS 115 Capstone Paper Criteria
The following will act as a framework for the paper. It is based, in part, on the University of Michigan – Flint Writing Center’s guidelines.
The goals are as follows:
 Collaborate with other people. Learning how to discuss issues and bring a project to completion.
 Learn about research, use of the library, and internet applications for research
 Perfect skills regarding use of computer-based productivity tools to enhance presentations
and written reports.
 The art of writing (it is an art) and how to express yourself
Paper Requirements
This is Team Assignment. It is a very important component of the class. Your Team will select their own topic. Please see me, or email me if you need help with topic ideas to think about. If you wait too long to select a topic, I will not be able to help.
1. Choose a topic that you will also be working on with your team for the PPT Presentation.
2. Organize the topic in outline form. This will help with your logic and flow.
3. As you write make sure there is a good flow of subject, with good grammar, composition
and topic development
4. Support your statements with material from the reference(s) such as citations and/or
table(s)/Graph(s) from Excel
5. The paper must include at least (1) Table and (1) Graph using Excel logic. For these, you
need to actually discuss them in your paper.
6. At least (2) references are necessary, which can be the source(s) for table and graph
Teams will be graded on the following
Summary Paragraph
1. Each team member will write their own summary paragraph of the section they are working on for the paper. All paragraphs will be placed into a single 2 page document from the team, with references after the last paragraph to be used for the paper. Prior to their paragraph, the respective team member must be listed. See the Course Syllabus for due date.
Final Paper
1. Two final submissions are required (electronic and hard copy) as noted in Syllabus.
 Teams will receive a grade representing the cumulative work of their paper.
 On the Title Page, list each author and the section they wrote
 Only (1) submission is allowed which must be sent prior to the date/time deadline
stipulated in the Syllabus.
 No emails are allowed.
BUS 115 Capstone Writing Assignment Page 1 of 3
BUS 115 Capstone Paper Criteria
1. Font
 Times New Roman (TNR), 12 pt., other than footer
2. Line Spacing
 Double, standard margins
3. Header
 None
4. Footer
 Name on bottom left
 Page number on right, listed as page # of #
 Font – 10 pt. TNR
Sequence and Contents
1. Title Page
 Title, BUS 115, date, authors
2. Main Body Pages
 Written length should be (6) pages, which includes (1) page for table/chart.
Shorter/longer papers are penalized.
 Excel-based table(s)/figure(s) inserted (screen shots) within main body as part of
the discussion, with appropriate notation above table/figure, as shown in class.
 Do not include figure/table without discussing it in the paper. There must be a
reason to include it. Do not simply place them at the end of the paper
3. References Page
 URLs are not allowed. Reference(s) must refer to an actual published paper 4. Writing Center Help
 Going to the Center is highly recommended. Their staff have helped many students and faculty with papers and presentations. See below for location, contact information.
1. Generally the paper should have the following flow for good writing quality. Note that you do not have to list each one – the areas in bold only represent parts of the paper.
 Introduction: Acts like an opening statement describing purpose of writing.
 Body/Discussion: Includes all relevant material and information for topic. The citations should be included within this.
 Conclusions/Recommendations: Summary of paper highlighting recommendations for improvement of future work on the subject.
2. Use correct grammar, and sentence construction.
 Do not use slang, or similar remarks.
 Be objective, and avoid first-person comments, unless it is necessary.  Common errors to avoid –
 ‘I think the growth of management in manufacturing is good because…’
 Run-on sentences confuse the reader. Don’t simply add ‘fill-in’ material.
3. Flow of Writing:
 Remember to provide clearly written statements.
 Refer, in writing, to any table/graph inserted into the main body
BUS 115 Capstone Writing Assignment


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Capstone Paper Criteria

Capstone Paper Criteria

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