Book Review

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  • Students are expected to research and select a book that deals with one of the “Development” issues covered in class. This assignment can be an individual or group submission (max 3 per group). Group members working on homework questions can also work together on this review. The selected book must not be a textbook. Please see the last page for guidelines. Due date is indicated in the course outline below.
  • A full book review may concern only one book. Its length is about 1500-2000 words. It should give readers an engaging, informative, and critical discussion of the work. The review should follow the Guidelines below.
  • Your book report must be on a book, it cannot be on an article, report, etc. And of course, this book must be related to this course.
  • You MUST include a work cited page at the end of your report. Note that although this isn’t in the requirements listed on the syllabus, it is mandatory. Since you will have to compare your book to other works and books, you must cite all of the resources you have used. Failure to do so will result in a 20 point grade deduction.
  • For those of you who are having trouble finding books, here are some suggestions:

White Man’s Burden – William Easterly

Poor Economics – Banerjee and Duflo

Good Economics for Hard Times – Banerjee

The Bottom Billion – Paul Collier

Why Nations Fail – Daron Acemoglu

Dead Aid – Dambisa Moyo

The review should consider (please use as your outline):

  • The intended audience for the book and who would find it usefulï‚·
  • The background of the author(s)
  • The main ideas and major objectives of the book and how effectively these are
  • accomplished
  • The context or impetus for the book – – political controversy, implications of the
  • book for research, policy, practice, or theory
  • A comparison with other works on this subject
  • Constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book

The front page of your review should include:

  • Author(s) or editor(s) first and last name(s) (please indicate if it is an edited book)
  • Title of book
  • Year of publication
  • Place of publication
  • Publisherï‚·
  • Number of pages
  • Price (please indicate paperback or hard cover) if available
  • ISBN

Book Review

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