Assignment: Analyze Non-Parametric Testing (Mann-Whitney)

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SPSS: Non-Parametric Testing

Download the data set divorce-studentversion.sav from this week’s resources. Then, review both the Data View and the Variable View to obtain a general understanding of the data.

The researcher is interested in exploring disputation of life patterns and disruption of social relationship when comparing males and females.After conducting a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the researcher determined these two dependent variables did not meet the standard for normality.For this comparison, a non-parametric test is then required.

  • Conduct a Mann-Whitney test by selecting the options the researcher would need (use the Non-parametric Test analysis, and within this grouping, select “Legacy Dialogs”).

Using scholarly writing and proper APA format, please complete, and then submit the following:

  • Based on your experience in this course, present tables to adequately report the results of this analysis.
  • In narrative form, discuss the results of this analysis.
  • Include an appendix that contains all SPSS output (copied and pasted) for the items above.
  • For possible use within your future research, identify the non-parametric counterparts to the following parametric tests:

Parametric Tests Non- Parametric Tests

Independent t-test ?

Dependent t-test ?


Repeated Measures ANOVA ?

Pearson ?…

Assignment: Analyze Non-Parametric Testing (Mann-Whitney)

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