Assignment 3: Ethical Considerations in the Music and Entertainment Industries

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We’re going to keep building on your plans, your approach to leadership, decision-making, and ethics awareness. Please thoroughly address these areas in at least 1200-1500 words.

  1. Please be sure to address trends and the business environment and business sustainability of your company, summarizing the following critical elements: Trends and Ethics in the context of leadership and decision-making.
  2. Based on our material and readings, please identify three (3) potential ethics considerations that may arise in your career in the music industry and how they can impact your goals and objectives.
  3. How do your values and mission help to inform and guide you in your leadership and decision-making approach and processes with regard to the intersection of leadership, decision-making and ethics considerations?
  4. What can you do to help “anticipate” ethics awareness and prevent ethics issues from negatively affecting your operations and image?
  5. Describe potential industry trends and issues that could impact your business and plans. How can/will these issues affect your leadership and decision-making, brand development, and decision-making processes? How will the alignment of leadership, ethics awareness and decision-making processes optimize the sustainability of your business?

Assignment 3: Ethical Considerations in the Music and Entertainment Industries

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