I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

1. In a paragraph (5-7 sentences), analyze the validity of the Binet-Simon and Weschler tests.How might the continued refinement of intelligence tests over the last hundred years have affected the rate of intellectual disability in students over that time?

2. In 2-3 sentences, discuss how widespread knowledge of perceived racial or gender differences in intelligence can be internalized and become self-fulfilling prophecies. (i.e. a belief becomes the truth because it was believed)

3. Examine Gardner’s and Sternberg’s theories about intelligence; you may even do extra research.In 2-3 paragraphs, consider your own conclusions.Do people have a primary intelligence, or ones that they excel in while lacking in others?Can someone have strength in all areas of intelligence?Where do you, personally, fit in?Justify your answers.


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