Assessment Instrument Review

Assessment Instrument Review. Assessment Instrument Review. I. INSTRUMENT REVIEW PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS

A. For this project you will compare and contrast two measures that purport to measure the same construct (e.g., personality, aptitude, vocational preference, etc.).

B. You have two tasks to accomplish with these reviews.
1. The first one is to find reviews for the assessment you have been assigned.
2. The second task is to find reviews for the comparison assessment.
3. Based on the information you read in these reviews, select a comparison test that is similar or the same (with respect to type, design, etc.) as your chosen test.
4. Information from these reviews is what you will use to compare your instruments, to complete this project.

Once you have completed the steps above, you should have two Complete References for the assessments you will review for this project. Your paper should have the following sections.

Describe the area your tests are designed to assess (e.g., vocational interest), the testing goal (e.g., to assist a vocational search), and the general type of tests you will be reviewing (e.g., multiple choice). These issues will have implications for the instrument you finally select.
Think of this as similar to a literature review. In this section, describe the basic facts about each test including: title, author(s), publication date, publisher, purpose, target population, price, administration procedures, time for administration, scores, and norm group(s). Describe each test separately in this section. Be sure to name each of these tests in this section to make it easier to discuss them throughout your paper.
Compare how the reliability of each test was assessed and the results. Describe the samples that were used to arrive at the reliability. In this section you should write about both instruments together. For example: While instrument X had a test-retest reliability of r=.85, instrument Y had a split half reliability of r=.87.
This section should be handled in a similar fashion to the Reliability section. Describe the samples that were used to arrive at the estimates of validity. However, you will likely find that validity measures are more dissimilar and this section will be a bit more challenging.
Discuss which instrument you would select for general use and the reasons for this selection. Support your choice using the information described in the previous sections of the paper. Essentially, here you are comparing and contrasting the two tests in order to justify your selection.
*Your final paper should be written in APA style.

III. Template for Instrument Review Paper
Name of two Instruments:
Category of Instruments:
Description of Instruments: (10 points): Describe
¥ The purpose of the instruments
¥ the number of test items
¥ test dimensions or factors
¥ the target population for whom the instruments were developed.
¥ The theoretical underpinning of the instruments
¥ Any revisions that have been made since the instrument was first developed.
Standardization and Norms: (25 points): Describe
¥ How the instruments should be administered, by whom, and how the instruments are scored.
¥ The process by which any normative data has been collected, the sample size, the characteristics of the normative sample, and the norms themselves.
Reliability (25 points):
¥ Discuss the various types of reliability for which these particular instruments should be evaluated and then report on the existence or lack thereof of such data.
¥ Comment on the sample that was used to estimate reliability of the test.
¥ Comment on the quality or appropriateness of the reliability data that has been collected.
¥ Discuss how the instruments have been designed or administered to attempt to reduce score error.
Validity (25 points):
¥ Describe the various types of validity measures that should be used to evaluate these instruments.
¥ Comment on the sample that was used to estimate the validity.
¥ Comment on the Comment on the existence or lack thereof of such data and the quality and/or appropriateness of the validity data that has been collected.
Your Evaluation (15 points)
¥ Discuss your educated view of the value of these instruments.
¥ Include who should be using it, for what purpose and for whom, if for anyone.
¥ How do these instruments measure up against each other?
¥ What might make these instruments stronger?
¥ Would these instruments have limitations for a person with a disability?
¥ If so, what would these limitations be and for what type of disability?
¥ Would you use this instruments for persons from different cultural backgrounds or persons of different genders?
¥ Provide a rationale for your answers.
References Used: List all journal articles and other references used. Use APA format.


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Assessment Instrument Review

Assessment Instrument Review

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