Article Summary

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You are required to create a written summary based on an article taken from a scholarly marketing research publication pertaining to the execution of consumer-based business marketing research such as the Journal of Marketing Research. Utilize the college library to access one of the online professional reference databases such as EBSCoHost (Links to an external site.). The article you select must have been written in the past 12 months. The idea is to see how the concepts we learn in class are applied in the real business world.

The article summary must include:

  1. A cover page with your article’s title, author, and source as well as your name, the course title and number, and the date.
  2. An overview or summary of the marketing research article (55 points)
  3. How the topic specifically pertains to information in the course and textbook (30 points)
  4. Your business opinion of the significance the subject has on today’s organizations using marketing research. (10 points)
  5. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, continuity/flow of paper (5 points)

The article must be summarized in 1 1/2 – 2 (full) typewritten pages of content, using 12 font, double spacing, Times New Roman font style, size 12. Make sure that you select a detailed article that will enable you to satisfy these requirements.

Article Summary Assignment Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

Review of Article

30.0 to >27.3 pts

EXCELLENT. Major topic points selected and discussed in detail with examples from article.

27.3 to >24.6 pts

GOOD. Most topic points selected and discussed in detail. Minor issues selected or no supporting details or examples explained.

24.6 to >21.9 pts

AVERAGE. Does not focus on major issues. Minor issues are discussed without details

21.9 to >0 pts

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Missed the main topic and points of the article.

30.0 pts

Organization of Writing

20.0 to >18.2 pts

Well-organized thinking that reviews the article, discusses major points in an order that makes sense, and closes with your thoughts.

18.2 to >16.4 pts

Minor jumping around on points. Could be better with few minor moves.

16.4 to >14.6 pts

Major jumping around on points made in review. Major organizational edits needed to articulate clearly.

14.6 to >0 pts

No organizational thought demonstrated in writing of review, major points discussed in the article, or your thoughts and ideas.

20.0 pts

Topic Related to the Course

25.0 to >22.75 pts

Clearly articulates the topic of the article directly to the course using multiple specific examples.

22.75 to >20.5 pts

Articulates the topic of the article directly to the course using some specific examples

20.5 to >18.25 pts

Relates a few points of the article topic to the course but only in general terms.

18.25 to >0 pts

Does not relate the topic of the article to the course or barely does so.

25.0 pts

Your Opinion

15.0 to >13.65 pts

Articulates thoughts on the article in a clear manner. Discusses how topics learned could be applied elsewhere.

13.65 to >12.3 pts

Some discussion of thoughts and opinions without mention of how the topic could be further applied.

12.3 to >10.95 pts

Brief mention of thoughts, but did not elaborate. No mention of learning from reading the article.

10.95 to >0 pts

Does not write any original thoughts or ideas about what is discussed in the article.

15.0 pts

Writing Style, Spelling, Grammar, And Punctuation

10.0 to >9.1 pts

Clear articulate writing used. One or two minor edits needed to be a perfect paper!

9.1 to >8.2 pts

Minor errors/edits needed.

8.2 to >7.3 pts

Too many edits and/or errors noted.

7.3 to >0 pts

Not college level work at all.

10.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0


Article Summary

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