Article Critique Instructions.

Article Critique Instructions.. Article Critique Instructions..  

Article Critique Instructions.

I- Title of the Article and Authors

Is the title clear, including area of study and group studied?

Are the author’s credentials included?


II- Statement of the Phenomenon of Interest

Is the phenomenon of interest clearly identified?

Has the researcher identified why the phenomenon requires a qualitative format for study?
Are the philosophical underpinnings of the research described?


III- Purpose

Is the purpose of conducting the research made explicit?

Does the researcher describe the projected significance of the work to nursing?


IV- Method

Is the method used to collect data compatible with the purpose of the research?

Is the method adequate to address the phenomenon of interest?
If a particular approach is used to guide the inquiry, does the researcher complete the study according to the processes described?


V- Sampling

Does the researcher describe the selection of participants?

Are the informants who were chosen appropriate to inform the research?


VI- Data Collection

Is data collection focused on human experience?

Does the researcher describe data collection strategies (i.e., interview, observation, focus groups, field notes)?
Is protection of human subjects addressed?
Is saturation of the data described?


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Article Critique Instructions.

Article Critique Instructions.

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