Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering. Architectural Engineering. The research topic is ” the affect of ceiling-based air distribution system and Underfloor air distribution system on Thermal Comfort”

*Do some literature review on the researches that already have been done recently on “ceiling-based air distribution” and “underfloor air distribution system” at lease from 10 sources, 5 for “ceiling-based air distribution”, and 5 for “underfloor air distribution system”

The method I’m going to conduct my research using program simulation called ( FloVENT) which allow visualize the air distribution in any certain space, and using (PMV) predicted mean vote method, and (PPD) Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied to measure thermal comfort see the attached file to understand more about these method I just mentioned above

The research proposal should be approximately 5,000 to 6,000 words in length. It should contain the following basic elements of a research proposal:

1-Abstract :

The abstract summaries your own research proposal. Please write in a concise way to cover the motivation, methods and expected outcome of your proposed study. Keep this part within 250 words.

2-Introduction containing the purpose and background of the research:

can be thought of as the rationale for your project. It should answer questions such as: What problem does this research address? Why is it a worthwhile problem to look into? In other words, what is the motivation of this study?

3-Research question; Conceptual structure guiding the research.

This is where you say very directly what you are trying to figure out through research. For example, “This research explores patterns of doctors’ movements in an ICU setting, especially as they relate to approach or avoidance behaviors relative to patient family members.” Or “This research evaluates the design of a community clinic in terms of daylight, visual connectivity between patients and front-desk staff, and ease of way finding.”

4-Literature Review (should be at least an annotated bibliography of works read) but preferably in essay form:

When you write up the literature review, do not simply list studies. Instead, for each study, provide a short summary of its method and results. After you summarize the previous study, explain why it is relevant to your study. Draw connections across these studies. Your sources of literature review may be about existing evidence, methods, or historical and theoretical texts relevant to your research. It provides your review of relevant research in the field. It should answer questions such as: What other work has been done in this subject area? What is the limitation of previous research? How is this work similar to and different from existing work? How do you intend this research to contribute to knowledge and/or practical good?

5-Scope and methodology of the research:

Describe what data you will collect and how you plan to collect it. Indicate how it will answer the question/s raised in the purpose. This is the most important part of the proposal. You need to be specific with the methods that you are going to use ( in my case I’m using program simulation FloVent) And you need to go into details regarding which tool you will use to collect data ( in my case I’m using PMV method and PPD method) and ASHRAE 55 thermal tool (see the attached file :insight brief)

6-Timeline: Create a timeline to propose a schedule of your project. Define the phases of study by literature review, site visit, data collection, data organization, data analysis, writing up. If you choose to work in group, distribute the work among team members. The timeline is to help you on track of your project.

7-Probable findings of the research:

Traditionally this is where you report findings. You are in the planning phase, so just say what you expect to find.

8-Research Methods and details of process, Potential results, implications and limitations, and future directions of the research.

9- Bibliography:
Please lead the bibliography with a paragraph that gives a short description of your search method. (e.g., I searched the [NAME] database using the following search terms: [term 1, term 2, and term 3]. I identified four articles as relevant to [topic] and discarded two because [reason they were less relevant].)

The final research paper should be prepared using a standard publication manual such as the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, APA or the Chicago Manual of Style.

Use APA Style for the research proposal format


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Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

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