Apple vs FBI Case

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read the following article:

2) Determine which frameworkor concepts are most relevant for analyzing thiscase.(These must be framework/concepts we have covered in this course, which is included in the list below.)

3) Offer a thoughtful application of the framework/concepts to the case, which includes providing arguments and analysis to explain how the framework/concepts apply to the fact of the case.

Choose ONE of the theoretical frameworks or concepts below, which you use to analyze (item 2 in the list above) the case:

Ethics of whistleblowing

Privacy ethics

Cybersecurity ethics

Hacker Ethics/Cyberterrorism

Ethics of artificial intelligence (AI)

Freedom of speech/censorship & cyberspace

4) Draw a conclusion about what the ethically correct action in the case would be, and whether the actual actors in the case fulfilled this obligation or failed to act correctly.

each part should be a page long, ex question 2 should be one page and question 3 should be one page.

do not research the question write the paper using the files I have attached (word documents).

Apple vs FBI Case

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