Anthropology- Read and Answer 4 Questions.

Can you help me understand this English question?

Each Answer should be 4-6 sentences.

  1. Using specific examples from the text, explain how eugenics (and other related pseudo-sciences) re-defined race throughout the history of the United States. Please properly cite your evidence in-text.
  2. Examine intersectionality in this piece. How do nationalism, racism, and anti-Antisemitism influence each other?
  3. Why does Sacks call the GI Bill and VA and FHA mortgage programs affirmative action for whites?
  4. Racism is more than an individual prejudice: it can be created, promoted, and sustained by cultural institutions as well. Describe the key institutions that helped reshape the U.S. racial landscape after World War II, as described in this article.

Anthropology- Read and Answer 4 Questions.

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