Anthropology essay

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1. Fully five pages.

2. The main analysis of the article is The Spirits Tell Me That...

3. An overview of the author’s main arguments (Approximately 3 or more pages)

  • What overall argument is the author making? What specific examples does the author focus on in the reading?
  • How is this argument being made? (e.g., What kind of data is being used by the author to support her argument?)
  • How does this argument support or refute arguments made by other authors in the section?

4. Your personal critical response to the reading (Approximately 2 pages)

  • What, if anything, do you find convincing about the argument being made?
  • What problems and/or oversights do you see in the reading?
  • What, specifically, do you think this article contributes to broader discussions of the topic?

**You should then provide a comparison to another reading(Tall, Dark, and Loath..), and finally provide your critical response.

PLEASE read writing guidelines and write the essay following it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthropology essay

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