answer to this discussion prompt and write replies to these 2 comments

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Find an example of a sound or unsound deductive argument, or construct your own example.

  • Outline or describe your chosen argument for your classmates, but don’t define your argument as sound or unsound. See if you can stump them!
  • In addition to your main response, you must also post substantive responses to at least two of your classmates’ posts: Are the arguments they chose/constructed sound or unsound?
  • What conditions do you think are necessary to make an argument sound?

Please pay careful attention to the prompt this week! In your initial post, you only want to present the argument. Try to keep it concise and label the premises and conclusion, like this:

P: All Accords are Cars

P: Some Cars are White

C: Some Accords are White

That’s about it! The idea is to let your classmates look at the argument and decide if it is valid and/or sound. (Check chapter 2 and some of my previous vids for a brush-up on deductive arguments).

So, your response to peers is going to be longer than your initial post, since that’s where you’ll get a chance to explain the concepts of soundness, validity, and your thinking as to how and why the argument works.

In my experience, once one person has responded to an argument, it’s hard to add anything useful (unless you think they made a mistake). So, with your second response to peers, you might talk about rhetorical devices you’ve seen. Post a vid or a picture that shows rhetoric in action. It’ll keep things interesting and help you get in the right mindset for the ad analysis assignment.

comment 1

P: All women are married

P: Some teachers are not married

C: Some teachers are not women

comment 2

P: All Gummies are candy

P: Some candies have strawberry favor

C: Some Gummies have strawberry favor

answer to this discussion prompt and write replies to these 2 comments

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