annotated bibliography on race theory

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This is where you’ll place four annotated bibliography entries of articles that help you more deeply understand the critical theory that you’ve chosen to work with for the near future. The major grades for this portion of the semester will be an individual presentation of a commercial you’ll analyze and a paper on the movie Pleasantville.

An annotated bibliography is (in our case) an MLA citation combined with a summary of the useful components of the article.

For example:

Fiock , Heather, and Holly Garcia. “How to Give Your Students Better Feedback With Technology.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11 Nov. 2019,

The authors suggest that students need clear description of errors they are responsible for and the need to get information about the projects quickly, within two weeks. Suggestions for enhancing the grading experience are using peer reviews, and audio/visual grading. Changes in grading behavior will make students more responsive to the critiques and create a stronger discourse between professors and students.


-I chose race theory because I am African american

annotated bibliography on race theory

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