​Visual Principles Worksheet: Magnum Photosc and Color Quiz

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Visual Principles Worksheet: Magnum Photos


To demonstrate the principles of composition as they manifest themselves in photographs.

To think critically about how visual compositions are created.


Compose a series of photographs which illustrate the principles of composition, using as examples the works of ONLY ONE well-known photographer. Your work will take the form of a PowerPoint. You may be asked to present the work to your class. Use only the Magnum Photos link to select your photographer and images.

Your first slide should name the assignment and include your own name. The next slide should name your chosen photographer. Next, you must include 7 slides; each one of them must include a photo that illustrates the following principles, in this order:

  • 1) Photo showing either symmetry, asymmetry or radial composition (Balance).
  • 2) Photo showing Repetition
  • 3) Photo showing Pattern or Rhythm
  • 4) Photo showing Emphasis
  • 5) Photo showing Movement
  • 6) Photo showing Scale and Proportion
  • 7) Photo showing Unity and Variety

Each of the above slides must name the principle of composition that the photograph demonstrates. The slide must also include the title of the photograph and the year it was taken (if the information is available).

Your last slide should list your sources.


The photographs must be in the order given above in the list. Don’t arrange the slides any which way.

You may be asked to explain your choices of the photographs to the class.

Color Quiz

  • Name the primary colors
  • Why are they defined as ‘primary’?
  • A tertiary color is created by mixing a ______________with a ______________
  • Name the secondary colors
  • Define analogous colors and give two sets of examples.
  • A tint is created by mixing any color with _____________________.
  • Colors can be translated into value True False
  • An example of a neutral color is ______________________________.
  • Where are complimentary colors located on the color wheel in relation to each other?
  • Name two sets of complimentary colors _______________________________________
  • What visual effect do complimentary colors create when placed next to each other?
  • The use of one color is called ______________________________.z

​Visual Principles Worksheet: Magnum Photosc and Color Quiz

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