advertisement analysis paper

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Include a screenshot of the advertisement in your assignment as a separate page. (It will not count toward your word count.)

After you find an advertisement on your social media feed, respond concisely to the following (do not rewrite the questions):

1. Where did you find the ad (e.g., YouTube, Hulu, Facebook)?

2. For what company or organization was the ad or PSA produced?
What product or service is being advertised, what issue is the PSA addressing, or which candidate is the political ad promoting?

3. Describe the advertisement.
What techniques are being used to attract your attention? For example, are there any celebrities in the advertisement? (If there is, what is their fan base?) is there a lot of color? What is the music like (if there is music)? Are the people in the advertisement young or old, men or women? Are there cute animals? Are there any text messages in the advertisement? (If so, what do they mean?) And any other elements that have captured your attention.

4. What kind of lifestyle and values are being represented in the advertisement?
Is it trying to appeal to a certain group of consumers? Why do you think this advertisement is being shown to you?

5. What does this advertisement reveal to you about your own internet presence?
Why do you think this advertisement is being shown to you? What about your browsing history (e.g., recent searches) may have helped the advertisers to identify you as their target audience? Was the advertisement accurate in terms of your interests? Are you persuaded by the advertisement to purchase the product now or in the future?

Technical Requirements:

Your analysis should be 400-500 words of written content. One-inch margins are required. Page numbers must be included in the bottom center of each page.

see attachment for detailed instruction

advertisement analysis paper

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