Action Plan

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Let’s continue from the detailed assignment in Week 4. By now your tangible goals in developing a restorative justice system are set and your strategies are in place. This week, as assistant to commissioner Jonathon Samuels, you need to develop the action plan for your restorative system.

Note: See the following resource to read about Kay Pranis’ “Step 5: Set Action Steps” as a resource guide to help you prepare action steps.

Keeping your goals in mind, the commissioner needs your help to present practical action steps that will help your agency reach those goals. Write your action steps in a 6- to 8-page Microsoft Word document. You action plan should include:

  • An overview of the community’s recent restorative justice efforts, including a description of any restorative justice initiatives that are currently in place and the status of these
  • A summary of your organization’s goals, with justifications for why these were selected, in developing a restorative justice program in your community
  • A comparison of the mediation types you would consider utilizing in your program, keeping community needs in mind; and a selection of the types you will include out of these
  • A brief explanation of action steps, with justification for each; including the material, time, and human resources that will be needed to complete these steps
  • A brief description of how you will carry out each action step and whether other action steps will be needed to complete that action step
  • A plan for how you will address any negative sentiment towards your plan, both from the current justice system and the community-at-large
  • A definitive measurable outcome and a date on which each action step will be complete

Compile your work from Weeks 1–4 and modify your observations as per the instructor’s feedback, if required.

Action Plan

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