6 page essay on feminism

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In class, we’ve discussed feminism and its definitions. We’ve talked about how from this idea’s center we can then move out into the world and apply criticisms rooted in its central ideas. Our current culture, news landscape, and academic critical literature is flush with feminist ideas being debated. From the #MeToo movement to the Pink Hat March to the way that our movies and other forms of entertainment is being transformed, the effects of feminism can be seen and, depending on your own experience, it can also be felt. To place it concretely, one of its effects even ended up in our constitution. In media, think about the way the Disney has been changing their tune with regard to the portrayal of women.

For this essay, pick a very specific issue within the umbrella of feminism and apply the feminist critique. Find sources to back up what your observations have illuminated while also inserting strong points from the opposing side. Essentially, you will be comparing and contrasting your observations and analysis with those of others.

Two Examples:

  1. Disney movies for a long time have given their princesses weak features, and they’ve finally and correctly decided to improve their movies by portraying the women and girls in their movies accurately. Even in their corrections, they continue to stumble.
  2. Our country lags significantly behind all other developed nations when it comes to maternity leave, and in California we can do better by supporting AB 1548.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. 6 full and typed pages (this does not include the Works Cited)
  2. 6 minimum sources
  3. It must sincerely address the prompt above
  4. It must include Naysayers and contradict them
  5. Body paragraphs need to follow the ideal research body paragraph

6 page essay on feminism

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