5 paragraphs (400-500 words)

Help me study for my Social Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Roundtable #4

This assignment is your final exam. The texts are posted under homework – there are two choices. Pick one.

Turn in your fourth and last roundtable assignment. Each of the 5 questions should be followed by a paragraph containing a topic sentence (the answer to the question) and support ( at least 5 sentences, containing two direct quotes from the text) and a conclusion. Make sure your quotes are introduced properly, cited, and explained. Introduce your quotes appropriately, so that your audience understands them fully in context. After each quote, explain its relevance. Follow MLA format.

Write in your own words – your word match on SafeAssign should be less than 20%.


5 paragraphs (400-500 words)

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