300 word letter regarding mathematics job

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Use the Hunt Library resources to research a mathematician’s background. Be sure to relate your mathematician to the Learning Outcomes listed on the Syllabus. To get started, use the Mathematicians & Their History Research Guide (Links to an external site.) prepared by the Hunt Library Research Librarians.

Think about today’s job market and how your mathematician would fit in the working world.

Identify a current job opening that would best utilize your selected mathematician’s knowledge and skills. Use sources such as Indeed (Links to an external site.) or Monster (Links to an external site.) to find job postings. Save the posted job description in a document.

Write & Submit

Write a letter, as the mathematician, to the prospective employer indicating how “your” knowledge, skills, and experience make you the best candidate for the job. Your letter should be at least 300 words and relate to the Learning Outcomes of this course. For writing assistance, review the EAGLET and APA and Other Style References sections on the Academic Resources page.

300 word letter regarding mathematics job

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