220-word for Art History Reading:

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220-word for Reading:

Kaufmann, Thomas DaCosta, “Circulation East and West: Jesuit Art and Artists in Central Europe, and Central European Jesuit Artists in the Americas,” in Toward a Geography of Art(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004), Page 239-271. (Please refer to the attachment. Since I can only upload five files at a time, I will send the rest to you after you take this job.)

Please answer the following questions to be the focus of your initial response:

In this book chapter, the author notes the role of the Jesuit order in the art of Europe and beyond. How does the author define this role? What message were the artists in the service of the Jesuit order attempting to broadcast? What new elements of “religious iconography” were being offered in these commissions?

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220-word for Art History Reading:

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