2 page opinon essay

I’m studying for my Economics class and need an explanation.

Find an opinion piece on any economic issue.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

Health care

Minimum wage

The environment and the economy

Economic growth & jobs



Race and gender in the labor market/workplace

Make sure the essay you chose is an opinion essay. It should not simply report on an economic event, but rather express an opinion, which it supports with some argument. Explain whether this essay represents a conservative, liberal, or radical perspective (per the definitions as set out in Riddell & Shackelford). Use specific quotes both from the essay and from Riddell & Shackelford to support your position. Give your own view on the economic issue. Do you agree with the perspective in the opinion piece? Would you argue for a different perspective?

Your grade will depend on several factors, including:

Careful use of quotations from Riddell & Shackelford Ability to summarize Riddell & Shackelford’s explanations/descriptions in your own words

Careful use of quotations or citations from the opinion piece you choose

Ability to summarize and explain the key points of the opinion piece in your own words Essentials of writing (grammar, syntax, transition between paragraphs, etc.)

Strength of your reasoning behind your claim as to which political philosophy is represented by the opinion piece

Logical coherence of the argument you make in favor of your position

Rhetorical persuasiveness of your argument

The essay you choose may have any opinion, but should be well-written and reasonably constructed. Ideally, the essay you choose would be from a news or media source. Blogs are acceptable as well. Note, however, that some blogs are of a higher quality than others. Choosing a poorly written essay will reflect poorly on your work.

If you have questions about whether the opinion piece you choose is appropriate, please ask me.

A “radical” perspective will be harder to find than a liberal or conservative perspective. Possible sources of “radical” perspectives include, but are not limited to : (1) Jacobin Magazine, (2) Monthly Review (3) Dissent Magazine(4) The Nation (although note that this source is likely to have some essays that fall under the “liberal” category, and some more under the “radical” category.) Be sure to include a ‘works cited’ list

2 page opinon essay

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