1991 Gulf War

1991 Gulf War. 1991 Gulf War. Analyse at the operational level the planning and prosecution of the campaigns waged by the principle participants in the 1991 Gulf War, and identify any relevant lessons for contemporary commanders.

Write the essay in simple language because my level in elites 5.

This essay should be exactly 4000 words and the footnotes count in the total wording.

The essay should not talk about this war from a tactical level, i.e. How equempment was manuovered in the field, rather it should look at issues such as how and why plans were made. And how the plans were implemented.

Setting the stage by providing a strategic background to this conflict is important.

Make sure of the proper use of footnotes, number in text and and the source in the bottom of the page. And if repeated use Ibid.

Make sure this essay is argumentative not persuasive, thus an argument must be clear.

This essay must contain the main parts of an academic essay (introduction, body, conclusion) and Signposting of the main parts is important.

Before you start writing, I would like you to first make an detailed outline and send it to me so I will concur it. Only then proceed to the writing.


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1991 Gulf War

1991 Gulf War

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